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Elite seating C-1M

Part Number C-1M
Elite seating C-1M
Elite Seating C-1M
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Elite Seating C-1M

The Italian Valentino Leather is a very supple top grain cowhide leather that is aniline dyed, utilizing the most progressive methods available. These methods adhere to an entirely non polluting system, where the tanneries follow the strictest guidelines to ensure minimal waste, high quality and a product that is environmentally sound.

The tannery uses selected raw materials to attain a very soft hand and drape. Once upholstered, the natural grain provides a unique appearance and richness. A protective finish combined with waxes gives the added durability and excellent color consistency, without sacrificing an incredibly soft touch.

Power recline offers a great advantage to manual recline because the chair can be precisely reclined to virtually any angle position. This allows the occupant to position themselves to their optimum comfort position and viewing angle. The power recline motor is whisper quiet, and is made by the OKIN company which is based in Germany.

One of the most integral parts of a theater recliner is the recliner mechanism. All of the different parts of a theater recliner including the arms, seat back, seat cushion and foot rest are all attached to the recliner mechanism. Since it acts as a foundation and base, it must be designed and crafted to withstand a lifetime of use. Weighing over 60 pounds, and made of solid thick steel, it would be an understatement to call our industrial grade recliner mechanism “heavy duty”.

A good quality recliner mechanism can be spotted by having thick steel arms, reinforced steel bracing, and a smooth, silky reclining motion. A poorly designed mechanism on the other hand will have thin, weak arms and a rickety reclining motion. Frame

One of the most common flaws of any type of recliner is a poorly designed frame. This can be the difference between a recliner lasting 2 years or 50 years. The main problems associated with a poor frame design are shaky/flimsy arms, excessive squeakiness and accelerated breakdown. Usually the main cause of this is the use of low quality materials and construction methods.

The main part of a frame is the base. Being hollow and rectangular in shape, it looks similar to a picture frame. Most recliners are built with multiple pieces and are joint fitted. This is common but very poor method of building the base.

With years of constant shifting and bending of the frame, nails and joints can become loose which will result in shaky/flimsy arms and excessive squeakiness. So to prevent this, Elite's base is a solid block of high quality, premium lumber that has been hollowed out and cut on Elite's CNC machine. There are no joints, nails or glue to hold it together. It is a solid piece that will last a lifetime.

The total weight of a chair can provide many clues to its quality and construction. Fully assembled, our chairs are the heaviest on the market, weighing an average of 152lbs as opposed to entry level seating that only weighs between 75 to 100 lbs.

The headrest cushion is strategically placed to provide optimum head and neck support while maintaining the best possible viewing angle.

The added lumbar support provides excellent support for the lower back. As the body heat warms the chair, the special high quality foam becomes softer and molds and conforms to the occupant.

Usually found in Europe's finest sports cars, our unique "dual- cushion" seat design provides optimum support primarily because body weight is equally transferred and distributed by the two independent cushions. The inner cushion supports the buttocks, while the outer cushion supports and lifts the legs which in turn alleviates pressure on the lower back.

Warranty: 10 Year (5 year on upholstery)
Made in North America
Frame - Heavy Duty, Thick Wall Construction
Mechanism - Thick Industrial Strength Steel
Power recline
Full, High Quality Italian Leather Throughout
Full Lumbar Support
Arm attachment - Wood Screws and Bolts Wall clearance only 4"