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JVC rechargeable 3D glasses offer up to 100 hours of comfortable 3D viewing on a single charge. Using Radio Frequencies (RF), these glasses work within a wider coverage area with no synchronization issues when moving or turning away from the emitter. These new glasses also have a 2D mode for audience members who would rather not view 3D.

    Rechargeable Active Shutter Glasses for all 3D D-ILA models
    RF Synchronization with projector (requires emitter module PKEM2P)
    Adjustable design permits wearing over prescription eyeglasses
    100 hour battery life
    2.5 hour full recharge time
    Partial(5 min) charge will give 13 hour use
    Charge from any USB device with provided cable (charger not provided)
    Includes protective pouch
    Not compatible with other manufacturers' 3D systems

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