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Sony TMR-PJ2
Sony TMR-PJ2

Sony TMR-PJ2 3D Emitter

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Sony TMR-PJ2 3D Emitter
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Sony TMR-PJ2 3D Emitter

Plug the TMR-PJ2 3D transmitter into your Sony 3D capable front projector and begin watching amazing 3D entertainment with Sony 3D active glasses (sold separately)1. Easy to install, this synch transmitter provides a wide viewing angle for an optimal 3D viewing experience.

Connects to the front projector via CAT5 cable (sold separately). No need to run CAT5 to the front of the room; simply install the transmitter near the projector facing the screen.

Compatible with: VPL-VW1000ES,VPL-HW30ES, VPL-VW95ES, VPL-VW90ES

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